4 Pack 2 inch Black PU Swivel Polyurethane Vintage Ball Wheel Stem Caster With Brake

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SMOOTH AND QUITE: 65 LBS per swivel furniture ball wheels. Threaded Stem Width: 3/8″ (9.5mm). Threaded Stem Length: 1.2″ (30mm). Caster Wheel Width: 1.8″ (45mm). Caster Wheel Diameter: 2″ (50mm). Overall Height: 2.3″ (60mm).

SIDE LOCKING BRAKE: With Side lock brake, “Top lock” brake are engaged from the side but use a piece of metal, called an L-bar, to stop the wheels. We put safety first. In various situations, It is easy to operate the brake, and a cover device that protects the caster is applied.

RETRO ANTIQUE BRASS FINISH: Antique brass color vintage stem ball casters set. The stem swivel small furniture wheels are rolling smoothly, easy to install and 360 degree rotation. Awesome if you like DIY, such a good experience. Made your chair could move anywhere and be more convenient for your life.

PROTECT HARDWOOD FLOORS: Don’t worry ball casters for furniture to leave scratches on your hardwood floors. Vintage ball casters made of polyurethane materials, it rolls with little to no resistance no matter the flooring type and doesn’t make any odd sounds.

WHAT THEY USED FOR: They are classic low profile casters, mostly using for wooden chair, also wheels for furniture legs, project, small sofas, bench, ottoman etc. Put these wheels for furniture on, make your furniture chair looks perfect and glide convenient.


  • Swivel Caster
  • Rotate 360 degrees
  • Side Locking Brake
  • Smooth and Silent and Sturdy
  • Capacity: 65lbs each caster wheel
  • Threaded Stem Width: 3/8″ (9.5mm)
  • Threaded Stem Length: 1.2″ (30mm)
  • Overall Height: 2.3″ (60mm)
  • Caster Wheel Width: 1.8″ (45mm)
  • Caster Wheel Diameter: 2″ (50mm)
  • Caster Wheel Material: Polyurethane
  • Caster Wheel Color: Black

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