24 Pieces Combination 4 Digit DISC PADLOCK Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Lock

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KEYLESS HEAVY DUTY LOCK: It is easy to set 4 digit dial, and easy to remember it. You no longer need to worry about finding a key.

APPLY TO ALL WEATHER: Stainless steel construction and hardened steel shackle for increased strength and security. Anti-corrosion, Antifreeze. Round shielded design minimizes shackle exposure.

SAFETY DESIGN: No longer become the target of thieves! Heavy duty combination disc padlock is protected from threats of bolts cutters and other intrusive tools because of its unique shape and design.

EASILY TO SET COMBINATION: According to our instructions, you can set a new combination within 15 seconds. The 4 digit combination padlock offers 10,000 codes which make it much more security than the 3 digit lock.

PADLOCK APPLICATION: Lock is best used for uhaul trailer, POD, storage unit, storage locker, garage, shed, gate and more.


  1. Set the code to default (0-0-0-0).
  2. Slide black lever underneath combination right to left to open shackle.
  3. On the back of Lock, use screw driver to turn change screw counter clockwise 90 degree to horizontal position.
    – Do not lock while setting up your code.
    – Make sure that the numbers are properly aligned with the tick mark.
    – Lock is now in reset mode. Turn dials to desired combination.
  4. Double check dials that they are at desired combination. Turn reset screw clockwise 90 degrees bank to original vertical position.
  5. Lock is set to new combination now. Please write down the new password so you can remember your passwords.


  • Stainless Steel Lock
  • Heavy Duty Disc Padlock
  • Water Proof and Rust Proof
  • Stronger Hardness and Cut Resistance
  • Overall diameter: 2.75″ (70mm)
  • Opening: 3/4in (20mm)
  • Diameter Shackle: 3/8in (9.5mm)
  • Length (throat depth): 0.7″ (8mm)

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